We love Ben Eine. We love his bold bright typography that has a fair ground, circus, playful vibe to it. This postcard comes from a set of 4. It is worth noting that we will send you one art postcard (not all of them), and it will be a lucky dip as to the colour you get... How exciting! They all look good! Each has a different colour that changes (as lenticulars do) depending on the direction that you view it - proper British tourist postcard stylee. What's not to like...

Well, we like it even more in one of our bespoke ‘what the hell is gonna come out of the mold’ CONCRETE FRAME. Each one is different and we look forward to banging one out (forgive me) to see what we have got. These are sturdy things, and have a weight to them. You can fix them to the wall via mirror plates or just have them on the floor or on top of a shelf or mantelpiece.

The back of the frame has a rear view mount with glazing so that you can see Ben Eine’s signature on the back. 


  • Ben Eine 


    15cm X 15cm (lenticular dimensions)

    Limited Edition of 1000

    Signed by the Artist

    *  THIS PIECE OF ART COMES WITH THE FRAME included in the price.
    ** SEE FRAME DESRIPTION for more information.