Well, we at GETLOST gallery are slightly stuck for words. But this is interesting. It challenges your sensibilities and moral code. It may be no surprise that the 'Dirty Rolph' action figure is brought to you by an Australian based company called 'Good Guys Never Win'. You can check out their website / facebook page here:


Rolph Harris was my personal hero as a child. I feel like he let me down, he let us all down - he pulled the wool over our eyes in a mask of puffing, panting and wobble boarding. This feels like some sort of revenge; or closure, or allowance to talk about the elephant in the room.

Don't leave this one out for your kids to play with - this is not a toy, it is some sort of crazy art, in a box. It would look amazing framed, and we may even get around to that at some point. 

We had 'Dirty Rolph' shipped all the way from Australia - and had to talk the company into doing it... I think that they thought we were mad (the obscure contradictions of life). This is in our personal collection but we will always listen to any interest if the 'Goodguysneverwin' brilliant Australian madness should take you - as it has us...




  • Edition of 300

    Still within the box and unopened
    (the temptation to open it is huge!)