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Steve sells sea shells by the seashore well online in this case but we are near to a beach so I guess it works.

The shell is float framed in a deep section frame so can be hung on the wall or stood on a shelf

Steve's amazing work has brightened up many of our days through such difficult times. Steve McCracken (AKA 'None Here') artwork has a sense of time and place. We have seen his unique street art spring to life through the grey concrete sprawl like urban daffodils.

Steve Mccracken Original Bird Pink Frame

  • Steve McCracken aka NONE HERE fills the streets with colour, painting and pasting wherever he goes.  His birds offer an escape to passersby, with the intention being to brighten up their day.  Steve achieves this by his instantly recognisable expressive painting style and use of colour offering a sense of freedom, movement and hope.

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